New York City -My Home Town

People from all over come to see the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree.
Men, women, children alike - all say it's a most beautiful sight.
Every year they search for the tallest Christmas tree
And decorate it so carefully.
There is nothing left to chance - there must be bulbs on every branch.
This tree is a symbol of our right to be free Put up each year for the world to see.
It has become symbolic to us like the Thanksgiving Day parade
New years on Times Square which are the things
That AMERICA shares.
Every dream that you perceive - in NEW YORK CITY can be achieved.
There are centers of every kind- where dreams become alive
The diamond center, the garment center, the art center too
And that's just to name a few.
The United Nations was built on these grounds
Where every language can be found.
NEW YORK CITY where I was born and raised
I give you thanks and I give you praise. © LRams

by louis rams

Comments (2)

A very nice poem on New York City. The city of hustle and bustle and one that never sleeps. Truly enjoyed this sweet write detailing its beauty.
Good tribute to New york City..apart from the iconic buildings and cosmopolitan status, everything mentioned in this poem can be found in other famous 'cities' of the york city with butterflies of hearts and lights at day and night respectively..Thank you for sharing Lrams..