New York, New York

New York, New York, Don't you just love it?
Bright lights, fast cars, the apple on Times Square,
People walking around carrying portfolios,
Going for that job that may or may not be there.

Giants, Jets, Yankees, Mets, Knicks, Nets and Rangers,
Adding the minor leagues there are even more,
If you wanted to go out for excitement,
Bye, Mom and Dad as you're already out the door.

Then there are those who prefer the quiet style to life,
Kicking back, sitting on the porch, walking or reading a book,
Yes, the word of our wonderful Lord & Savior,
As the greatest spirit sits back and takes a look.

Remember, there over 8 million stories in the naked city,
There is no reason to lounge around having nothing to do,
Here’s something, blow the dust off the black book on your mantel,
Somewhere near two thousand pages, there is a message for you.

In the heartbeat of this great big New York City,
While the restaurants are filled to the brim with people munching,
There is no time for sadness, heartache and/or self-pity,
When you’re down to nothing, believe that God is up to something.

“New York, New York, the city so nice, they named it twice, ”
It’s called the Big Apple because everybody wants a bite,
Well, how about the Kingdom of Heaven, do you want a slice?
Great as New York is, don’t forget it’s over loaded with rats & mice.

Start setting your sights on a residence that will never need repair,
Not filled with smog or pollution, just grade “A” quality air,
No need to focus with problems living life on earth might bring,
Or $200 basketball shoes because you’ll get around with wings.

Our world is just a dropp of water in all the oceans combined,
The Kingdom of Heaven is communicated with no telephone lines,
Without clocks or watches because there is no end for time,
It’s New York, New York, minus poverty, hatred, corruption and crime.

w/Jeff Ricky Cheeks

by Luke Easter

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I now have a picture of what it looks like,