Forty Three Days Vacation! !

Forty three days
Filled with fun
Filled with laughter
In the company of innocence
In the company cute sweet blabber

Forty three days filled with meaningful nothingness
Spent in the company of dear ones
And only my mind's mindless pursuits
Forty three days slipping through my fingers caressing me like silk sheet
Making me doze without a care

Forty three days of visiting my follies
Forty three days of reliving the past
Days spent reading
Days spent with my kith and kin
Days spent basking in their love and affection

I am content and happy
For the solace and satisfaction
For the burdens dumped into the pacific
And not to mention of the five kilos lost :)

Forty three days later
Fresh as I am
A new fascinating rainbow beckons me
Stretching across a new horizon
Of unending future -new 'forty three days'

by Ravi Upadhye

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