SK (1979 / Northern California)


Back to the daily grind. Passive minds using my active mind. Laborious implementation of people driven by governments enforcing us to work for our salvation. Brought up to strive to survive earning that almighty dollar, pound, yen, euro, baht, and what not. Societal pressure forcing us to the brink of extermination. Our government run countries develop and make more destructive technology constantly, which will ultimately be our own man made extinction. Not much to do but sit back and enjoy the show it'll all be over soon. Life is short. Be happy. Don't worry. Don't hurry and have fun unwind and have no care. We are who are an entity on a planet out of many in our galaxy. We come into this world innocent and leave helplessly. You were given life the best thing we could do is embrace life around us and those around us. As the old hippies used to say, peace.

by Sean Kievman

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