I went to the beach today
I smelt the salty scented air
Felt the warm sand slide between my toes
Clinging beneath my toenails
Scratching the soles of my feet.

I tiptoed to the waters edge
And tentatively placed a toe into the cool, lapping water.
It felt good, it felt cleansing, purifying.
I raised my head to the sky
Felt the sun warm my tired face.

The tears ran down my cheeks
A flock of gulls flew overhead,
A leader with it's followers, flapping past my face.
All with a sense of belonging,
To each other.

Suddenly, I felt it, the urge,
The urge to be free, alive.
I I hurried in to the water, feeling it pushing against my skin
The pressure felt good,
The coolness invigirating.

I plunged under the water, and rose again
The wetness dripping down my hair
Onto my shoulders.
I felt new, whole, pure.

by Drew Chadwick

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