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Soft words fall upon waiting ears
And a soul arises with an eager leap
Like a blade they strike so deep
To stake a claim and lay a name
To this thing which has occurred
And give substance and body
To fill a mind
The very thing which they have now torn asunder

Vision grows white and then it blurs
Eyes that once saw now see no more
Nothing worth the trouble for their chore
And a heart grows slow and pumps
Chill blood through a body
For but a second among millions
One that shall not fade from memory
For as long as I live

For as long as I live I will remember

Blasphemy fills my mind
For but a moment among billions
To thrill me with its fancy
To give me cause for this blame: a reason
For why I should hear these things
That I now hear
That fall upon my ears which are not deaf
And lie upon my heart which still has time left
And break my will

Because one does not forget a thing like this

These are the words that cling
And these are the thoughts that will remain
When all else has one day fled my brain
Nothing of this world could drive them away

So the second passes
This instant and this moment
Once more do these eyes see
Once more do my lungs breath
And slowly I begin to speak
Out pours my initial shock
Now onward ticks the clock
And slowly the tears come
Seems there’s no one left to care
Once there were two
Only now, there is one

One pair of eyes left to see the world
One mind forever swamped in doubt
One mouth which longs to shout

My God!
I loved you.

One heart with far more pain to bear
Than anyone should ever bear

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