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News Of God

The news came faster than a bullet heading my way
I didn’t want to hear it but I had no choice but to stay
I never knew words like that could be said that fast
it makes you stop in shock and think about the past
The things we did together, the things we learned
But suddenly you realise that life has turned
Maybe for the better, this time for the worse
Why is it that life for some people are destined to be a curse?
They know they might die, but can just wait
And pray for god to help their evil faith
Maybe it’s destined, maybe its not
Maybe we’ll all end up in our coffin to rot
Is there a god and can he help us
Is death, gods only real rush
Maybe are us humans his only treasure
And watching us die, his only pleasure
When he sits in heaven looking down below
To the people suffering squeezing their pillow
Trying to say one final word to their beloved
But it’s steeled by an endless sound of a beep.
We know why we die, but not why we live
If there is a god, how is he possible to forgive?

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these eternal question trouble every soul and every soul must seek his own truth in the pain of his own life of course no one wants pain but there it is like sky like rain like forever a fine poem