News Of Tragedies

Wishing to receive news of tragedies,
With a preferred touch of sweetness...
To ease the reality of who is affected by them,
Has resulted in the increase of more conflicts...
AND deception.
As expectations grow for more victories to cheer,
By those awaiting in safe havens to throw confetti...
From curbside streets blocked off to parades.

Invitations already printed with uplifting messages,
Are addressed to be sent to anticipating neighbors.
Shopping to help decorate backyards selected,
For those beer and bar-be-que bashes...
Has left the shelves of specialty stores selling,
Balloons, noise makers, plastic cups, forks and knives...
Paper plates, napkins and colorful streamers,
Nearly emptied of their party stock.

I'm sorry for the interruption.
The news to all of us, of course, is tragic.
Our 'boys' and 'girls',
Always continue to do wonderful things for 'us'.
God knows,
How they make us all proud...
By what we allow them to do.
Excuse me!
DO NOT put those cakes on the same table,
With the condiments. You should know that by now!
We do not want to invite confusion.
Smooth is the motto.
I apologize!
One would 'think' by now celebrating these victories,
Would have everything set like clock work.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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