News Time

Poem By James Waters

Tick tock tick tock
Time ticks away
Soon will come the end
Of another hate filled day

Another murder, another rape
The carnage never ends
Another child molested
Another politician condescends

Another brutal dictator
Butchers and destroys
Another antiquated government
Comes up with useless ploys

Another earthquake or flood
Another fire or war
It’s like the local news
Covers nothing more

Is there nothing left but hate?
in this wretched world
Are violence and anger?
All we have left to hurl?

Is there no love?
Left in the land
Nothing of neighbors
Lending a hand?

How about a report
On a cure for Cancer or Aids
Or peace prevails
And hatred fades

No not a chance
We like destruction and pain
Oh look, what joy
Ten more days of rain

I Hate The News! ! !

Comments about News Time

Another cracker! Well done. Please come and read some of mine. Ruth
Very clever and well written thank you. Its sad but you are right

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