'Next! '

There is no 'if' on my lips,
When I say I love.
No 'maybe' awaits me giving it.
I know what it is inside me that lives.
But I will tell you this...
No masquerade portrayed,
Upon my heart...
Comes to be made.
That is not allowed.
I wont let that start!

When I say I love...
I do!
And you,
Can forget about using me to play...
Charades or any other game,
You choose to display.

When I say I love...
I do!
And you are not that good...
To continue in a disguise I recognize,
Given by shallow givers I knew
Who tried to hide a past,
Smoothed over by obvious lies.

Why does anyone think that will last?
When false eyes I detect...
Appear so quickly,
After one's need has been fed
With the act of sweated sex!
In a wet bed of regrets.
'Next! '
Put your pretentions to rest!
You are not that good.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Those first four lines had me hooked - they would stand by themselves - and the rest did not, of course, disappoint, unexpected as it was. t x