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Next Chapter
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Next Chapter

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Who knows,
How their next chapter will read?
Or 'what' or 'who' actually determines,
Which direction it should go.
When and before...
That chapter is exposed.

And who knows to do this definitely,
How a sentence of a chapter...
Begins to release,
A desired ending to captured.
Or how many sentences and chapters,
Completed are needed to reveal the intent.
With one's story to fully comprehend it meant.

Who knows,
How their next chapter will read?
Or if there is a need for a next chapter at all.
When living a story that has a beginning that ends,
It really depends on 'what' or 'who' determines...
If required tasks to pass have been mastered.
And not to delayed one's mission to neglect.
With conditions accepted to meet successfully.

'I did not before understand,
How to hold YOUR hand.
But I am ready to learn.
With focused thoughts taught.
To do it to earn,
From YOU another chance...
To show I can.'

~I like that last chapter.
I can not wait until you produce a next.
And more.~

'More? '

~From you?

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