Next Door

They’re fighting again -
disrespect and indifference woven into their raised voices,
fury and famish lighting their four eyes, their two and two.
There is no sanctuary that exists between them now,
(if ever there was one to begin with):
no secret place of comfort, of consistency,
of continuity, of care.
They are, each, alone in their own world, absent a haven,
firing rockets into a foreign land.

How is it possible that they lay down together each night
and not understand that human need rests between them?

Did they really think another dog, another cat, some fish,
a new car, a new baby, new floors, a new day
an apology, a distraction, a vacation,
a picnic, a party, a problem to solve
a discussion, a diet, a debt
a history, a promise, a moment
a long drive, a shortcut, a wide berth
a decision, or simple denial
might squeeze the thing out?


They’re fighting again –
Again, again



Damn fools.


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Art of Fumbling Common denominators: If Frank says they exist then dickens they do The colour of blood, the compassion of babble “mama” And glistened eye for a fledgling with high grade fever Seek and ye shall find or sleep and deny Most hungered after yet most maligned sanity presented
ohhh! ! ! ! 1 this is very amusing read indeed.. i liked it.. and you said it well indeed my dear lady! ! liked it very much..10++for the entertainment with lots of love shan
Christine! this is a well thought out poem! 10+++ i love the way you have orchestrated every finding good on you girl! regards Bob
Solid penning, young lady...Common denominators exist within the most contrasting of roots & bloodline, however inveteratingly they may be guised at first look....Fools indeed....but are not all of us each & one mortally incisoined by this lethal element, that we astutely pass-off as ''The Human Element'' in an effort to excuse what we can, in fact control, if we committed to doing so? However, even affording that cop-out some fair credence, it still befuddles my mind to think that we cannot at least learn form our maniacal past....Yet, still, as you so eptly described it in this fine piece of work.....we keep fighting on & on...again & again! BTW: Apropos titile, to boot! FjR (09)
Damn fools indeed....great write about painful and noisy neighbours...
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