Next In Line, Please

You see,
I think you and I are not communica...

'Will that be light, medium or dark roast? '

You see,
I am not like the others.
And I am see...

'Would you like light, medium or dark roast? '

...king something not so tart.
Less bitter with a more swee...

'Light! Medium or...
Dark roast.
That's it!
No if's ands or others.'

...tened taste. I don't like your attitude one bit.
I demand to see your supervisor.

'No problem.
Would you like 'your' truth...
Dark, light or medium? '

You did absolutely nothing but change hats.

'And guess what?
You either take that truth light, medium OR dark.
Where is your authorization to stand in this line? '

I need no 'authorization'.
My name is...

'Next in line, please.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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