Next Scenerio

Deceptive images given,
To depict someone's innocence...
To gain sentiments of empathy,
With a wide acceptance to have this believed...
Does not work.
Especially if those images seen,
Are of a child angelically sleeping.
And those offended my that 'child'...
Know too well that have been victimized,
By the demon that child has become.
AND for a while.

And that is why they want that 'culprit',
Now an adult...
To be tried for the crimes they've done.

'But he is just a baby.'

~Your 'baby' is thirty years old.
And gets 90 days in jail.~

'I raised him to be a good child.'

~When were you going to begin,
To teach him to be accountable?
And as a man to face reality?
My I have the next scenerio, please? ~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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