Next Thursday It Is

Remaining stubborn,
With an unchanged attitude...
As many are accustomed to choose to do,
Ultimately makes one's choice to use excuses...
A benefit to a psychiatrist or a psychologist,
That is highly paid on an hourly basis...
After scheduled weekly visits to attempt to insist...
To the one recommended and medically picked,
Is the one more knowledgeable and professionally suited...
To hear and listen without judgements to pass,
How everybody else has misunderstood one's childhood.
And no one is willing to take time to comprehend.

'It is so unfortunate,
People are into themselves the way they are today.'

~I've been feeling that way most of my life.~

'I have next Thursday open,
To further discuss your situation with more depth.
Is that acceptable? '

~Yes, doctor.~

'Please see the receptionist.
And would you like to have this visit billed?
Or charged to your credit card?
My fees charged to you are flexible.'

~How much is 'this' visit? ~

'Let's see...
Two hours and fourty-five minutes?
Comes to...
Just three hundred and thirty nine dollars.
And as an added bonus to you...
As per our agreement.
I have eliminated phone consultations.'

~Thank you. Thank you so much doctor.
I could use the savings.
I am so glad you understand.
Next Thursday it is.
Give me a hug.
Just don't shake my hand.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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