Next Time Around

Poem By Kay Jax

In my next life I will choose to meet you soon enough
So that we might have a life together.

So, that I can wake up every morning in your arms.

So that everyday, my eyes can be filled with the glorious vision of You.

So that my ears will no longer ache to hear your voice.

So, that we can drink from the same cup of life.

So, that we can love each other with unbridled passion.

So, that I can shower you with loving words and gifts and tears of joy.

So that every day, You will know unsurpassed love.

So that the warmth of the sun upon my body will pale in comparison to your touch

So, that I will never again have to long for the touch of your lips upon mine.

I will look for you from the very instant that I breathe life into my new lungs...

I will not stop until I find you again, and only then, will I start to live.

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Whew, TOO beautiful, just simply to beautiful.

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