IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Next Time I'Ll Know Better For M Lady Lucianne

I hear a tapping at my door.
It’s trick and treaters I expect.
I have some candy treats in store
which they will happily accept.

I slip the latch so easily
but it appears there’s no one there
I look and listen carefully.
I find the silence hard to bear.

I close the door return inside
I feel a presence I can’t see.
Although there is no place to hide
I gaze about uneasily.

The tales they tell could they be true.
At Halloween the veils grow thin
and homeless spirits can pass through.
I feel my head begin to spin.

When I come to the sun is bright
but I’m not who I used to be.
Some homeless spirit won the fight
and is pretending to be me.

I’ll have to wait another year
before I am myself again.
A long and lonely wait I fear
before my body I regain.

I only hope that it is true
they must give up their tenancy.
When the next Halloween falls due
I’ll have to wait impatiently.

Beware of answering your door
especially on All Hallows Eve.
Fate may have a surprise in store
for those of you who don’t believe.

That this night spirits come and go
and each one seeking for a place
another chance although they know
they’ll have to wear another’s face.

Far better to pretend your out
on no account answer the door.
You will be safe without a
now you’ve been warned You know the score.


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Aww, so cute! I love it, Ivor, : P But maybe you forgot to type 'doubt' in the verse before the last? It rhymes with 'out', lol Anyway, great poem!