JPN (Jan.1945 / Bihar, India)

Niagara Falls

The fabulous beauty of Niagara Falls,
whether it is the American or the Canadian horse shoe falls,
makes me wonder how others see this natural wonder.

As a loving couple watching the falls arm in arm,
reminds them of eternity of love and romance,
The forking of river into two great falls and then merging together at the bottom,
replicates the two different paths of their life merging into one down the road.

As a parent with little children watching the falls with curiosity,
I can hardly hear their questions deafened by the melodious roar of the fall,
The youth and exuberance of the falling stream,
fills my heart with hope and inspiration for my kids.

As a single lonely man,
I am lost at the sight of the gorgeous fall,
I feel like many streams going down both the falls,
searching for love around and loosing my own identity downstream.

Riding abroad the Maid of the mist boat trip around the fall,
as a couple, we find love and romance in the mist,
the height and the depth of the falls mirrors peak and valleys of our love,
the beauty and splender of the fall reflects the beauty of our life together.

As a parent with little kids abroad the boat excursion,
I show them the the majesty of falls and the beauty of nature,
more awesome than the TV shows and video games,
I show them the visions of strength from a simple flowing stream.

As a single person with the lonely heart,
I am always seeking for my love in the misty drizzle,
The shower in the drizzle seems so incomplete,
the rainbow in the mist does not seem to lead me anywhere.

by Jay P Narain

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Comments (2)

Very well-crafted approach to a splendidly splashing metaphorical and juxtapositional theme of yours. A kind of poem that speaks to everyone's heart.
Nice poem on Niagara.The falls sure does inspire! Thank you.