Poem Hunter
DRE (04/25/1997 / Indiana)


It's hard for me to breathe
It's hard for me to smile
But Baby for you
I would do anything
No matter what condition I'm in
I don't care what anyone says.
You can live your life through me.
Why did you have to go?
Why so early?
You were so young
You didn't deserve to go
Not like this
No, Not this early
Nibbly, I love you
And miss you
I wish you the best where you are
I hope your life is better up in heaven
Nibbly, you were a great friend
You brought happiness into my life
So to you I give a big thank you
So to you I give my life
So to you I will live my life to the fullest
Nibbly, I love you and always will.

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Comments (4)

very nice piece.. good reading... dino
I wrote this poem and then gave it to his dad... and ever since he passed away ive been REALLY close to him family! ! ! !
Aw - I'm sorry about Nibbly. This is a very good poem, but really sad and deep. Good job.
I'm sorry about your loss. This is a very deep and sad poem. This is a very good poem.