Well-intentioned words
Carry a double edged sword.

Wield them well,
first with honesty, then with tact.

Their meaning is felt first,
A glow of satifaction bestowed on the receiver.

Make it true.

If repeated by another, to another,
would it mean the same?

If that friend repeated them to another friend,
would it ring as clear and pure?

If not, they both would the feel the other edge,
this time in the back.

Mean what you say.
Say what you mean.

Proved dangerous once,
your words will always haunt trust.

Nice without honesty lacks integrity.

by Sydney Daniels

Comments (3)

Sydney, this is a brilliant poem. A very sophisticated topic is the pitfalls of language. Susie.
Great message conveyed with meaning and power! And yes, that last line is wonderful!
Bravo Syd! The last line is GREAT! A lesson in this piece patricia