JB (12/06/1990 / Missoula, MT)


A simple name, but so much more,
She hides behind “Nicole.”
Ignorance left my life so sore.
He ripped apart her soul.
Words were rare, hardly spoken.
Our lips did all the talking.
I didn’t know her heart was broken,
Through me her love was stalking.

(Chorus) My heart, my love, my sweet Nicole,
Use my lips as your desire.
My poor, my sad, my lonely Nicole,
May your old love burn in fire.
It’s him you want, my sweet Nicole,
His love was dry and now is old
Forget the name, beloved soul.
Now be mine, forever Nicole.

She wouldn’t forget old love’s name
I reminded her of him.
I’m sick of playing foolish games,
Love seems cruel and grim.
All his pictures and photos burn
Nothing left to remember.
Now memory shall not return,
His face a smoking ember.

(Chorus x2)

Now I’m all you have, my love.
Memory will die in flame,
Along with all your thoughts thereof.
And finally end this game.
Remember not and love me more,
My lips are yours to kiss
You’re the only one to adore.
He is lost in a vast abyss.


by Jesse Bauer

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