* Hail our Savior's glorious Body
hail the blood, which, shed for sinners
did a broken world restore

hushed voices singing in pristine harmony
lips turned toward the black of night
regal words of old spill out into the air

* Pange lingua gloriosi
corporis mysterium
sanguinisque pretium

the heavy resounding tones of chruch bells
echoing throught the world
touching ev'ry heart and mind

* Faith Gods' living word must head
faith alone may safely guide us
where the senses cannot lead

flashlights, beams of wavering light
piercing the shadows of nightfall
guiding the steps of lowly sinners

* Nobis datus, nobis natus
ex intacta Virgine
et in mundo conversatus

icy droplets of rain splatter on cement
frozen hands hold damp sheets of music
trembling with the quiet power of thier words

* Sower, seed and word descends;
wondrous life of word incarnate
with his greatest wonder ends

a heavenly prossesion with Jesus in the lead
clouds of incense roll 'round the Sacred Body
from life to death, they will follow him

* In supremae nocte coenae
recumbens cum fratribus
observata lege plene

smiles on thier faces, feet trodding silently
eyes never straying from the gently swaying cross
hearts raised, they sing for their king

by gina prettybrowneyes

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Comments (2)

'Hail the POET'S glorious body' this one is different but so original! it's deep and religious, good job. _Kyle
Praise for your lovely, reverent poem. Encore, gina. Kindest regards, Sandra