Cool night, grilling fish... "ish" cut finger deep.
Rushed to get stitches crying at hospital.
Ran quickly, forgetting to turn off the griddle.
A neighbor detected the smoke, barged...
the door preventing a terrible fire.
Welcoming... We returning in an hour.
My finger throbbing and now enlarged.
Home on sofa I laid in a big heap.
He told of his gallant pulsating rescue.
Neither of us had asked his well being.
Concerned with emergency, flat closing.
he and Effendi prepared decent meal.
Including his own oyster stewed.
Offering to return with gratitude.
Accepted my invitation to real meal.
Effendi recommends "Kitchen redo."
Out quest noticing the Baby Grand Piano,
slips fingers along scale, positioned solo... alone.
Swirled stood coaxing me to play along... moan.
"do you know Beethoven's TURKISH MARCH?"
"Delightful tune...RUINS OF ATHENS?"
with Bb middle finger positions...
"Play one octave higher..." "What tempo? ... "Mache!"
Duet we played together, off temp.
Family takes ferry through perilous Aegean
waters... soaring waves covering over cabin.
Visitors inside terrified, confined close-in.
Would we find our shipmates replaced with fins?
Serene with straw chapeau through fierce water.
pressing forward against diplomats daughter...
uncanny lover got stuck with hat pin...
wearing turquoise Cabochen of Chaldean.
My small Sasha adoring purple straw hat, retrieves.
Appearing very expensive, I forbide.
Admiring young nephew holds his caged Katy did.
Delighted young princess gives her blessing.
Her diplomatic father leaned to nod.
Worry beads pressed nervous fingers unflawed.
Still, holding chapeau open inviting...
Wavy peril pounds will as life breathes.
Miraculously, our ferry reached its dock.
We gathered our children and parcel for car.
That night there was new meaning, for the veining star.
Through scope positions measure...
Consulate over constantinople
Constitute shinning lapis and opal.
Thankful... Night not in dingy with oar.
Pleased to hear watches simple tick tock.

by Lynda M. Cokuslu

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