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The distractions of the day have passed
Night has fallen
Heavy, dark and burdensome
It harbors my fears
Loneliness, sadness and worries
I can no longer stave off the pangs of sorrow

Praying for the morning light
Or for sleep to release me
I can do nothing else
I am alone with my thoughts
The unknown is the worst
I wonder where he is at this moment
Is he safe?
I close my eyes and say a prayer
Please, dear God
Be with him. Watch over him.
Bring him back to me.

I am warm and safe in our bed
Yet I am a thousand miles away
With him in mind and soul
He is so strong, alive, vital
He is my rock, my world
Yet, in an instant, he could be gone
A single bullet could take him

These are my dark and dreary contemplations
As the night rolls in
A black blanket of demise
It covers my thoughts
With its dark ash
Refusing the good, the hopeful

I awake
The morning light soothes my soul
The night is a distant memory
I am filled with the hope
Of a brand new day
One day less
Between my soldier and I

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