what a strange word with different meanings
everyone has their own
perception abot the night

some people fear it
some people love it
some people never wants it to come
while some others look forward to the night

some people think it as evil
some others think it is conducive
for their own activities

it is the night people of the
under world operates
they steal, they kill and they destroy

some others think it is in the night
the evil ones come alive or
the witches operates
claiming that they have
no nerve to operate during the day.

lovers look forward to the night.
it is at that time you see them do all sorts
hiding in the cosiness it creates
because the black veil of nature
is covering them

even the so called worshippers ofGod
awaits the night for their vigils
because it is belived that they
can fight their evil counterparts in prayer,
by night effectively.

is a gift
given to us by nature
does it really like the way
we misunderstand it?

i think it deserves some respect.
i call it the black veil of nature.
when it is regarded appropriately,
no one will fear it.
because without night
there will be no day.

by Dorothy Iguza

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nice poem, I like the night. It's kind of peacful to me