AG (1963 - / St.Helens, South Lancashire, UK)


When the tired day has had enough,
The night draws close then stays.
Like a worker taking over as
The relief from one shift,
The night allows the day to drift.

In darkness we walk, under overhung lights,
We feel the need to sleep and release our thoughts.
Outside is cold, the night’s winter kept at bay,
As I turn up the heating, more tea, a friend stays.
In night there is silence, a peace, a calm,
As fatigued we drift to bed, to await the morning alarm.

And like a woman on tiptoe, the Night soon leaves,
Darkness into grey, then the brightness of day.
Eyes all red arise from beneath the cover of bed,
As the day intrudes through curtain gaps,
As I leave my bed and turn on the shower taps.
Ready to face the day, come-what-may,
I dress and leave as the night now sleeps,
Until like me, it has an appointment to keep.

by Amy Gerrard

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