KW (April 4,1992 / Clarion, Iowa)

Night Angels

They walk and hide in the night.
Living in shadows and shame, fearing the light.
They are beautiful, clever, and tart;
Their pale skin as cold as their heart
Stalking their prey,
Keeping the unbearable hunger at bay.
Black angels of the dark,
Never failing to leave their mark.
Drinking the blood they so daringly seek,
Draining their victims till they're fragile and weak.
The blood trickles slowly from their lips;
They drink in slow, gentle sips.
They can take your life and make it new.
I followed their path to eternity...Will you?

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Comments (3)

I'll meet you in the graveyard at midnight...oh, and mine's a Bloody Mary. Love, Fran xx
Vampire Bats? , Cool I'll take you out for 'bite' to eat hihihihi Nice dave
are you talking about mosquitoes? ... lol... nice ending huh! .. keep on writing =)