Night Goddess

Oh, Moon! the
glass violet scenting

the garden sky.
Wafting beams

supporting ancient houses
sheltering mythic forms

of your ages.
How you hang so

loftily - the perfect
prism, breaking shores of

Crystal light on
marred and shattered ground

hiding the cruelties
best left unseen

Showing the hearts at

full blossom, bleeding

all the while
for your blessing.

Willowing their strings,
chording together

lovers pair
to fawn in revelry

Basking in your mirth
that is their own -

Oh, Moon!

by Crystal Korzinsky Chambers

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I am not quite sure what the essential message is here. There seem to be mulyiple ones and I always have a problem with multiple messages. I am also, candidly, not a moon fan. Perhaps that played a part here as well. GW62