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Night Just Doesn'T Go Away
(October 9,1948 / Dayton, Tennessee)

Night Just Doesn'T Go Away

Night just doesn’t go away –
She lingers well into the day,
And won't admit her time is up
At least until the second cup.

But day time is a friendly chap
He leaves if you just take a nap.
And doesn't care to stay away.
For hours on a rainy day.

But night's dark tentacles will creep
Around your eyelids; make you sleep
And if you stay with day too long
She'll let you know that you've done wrong

She's never satisfied it seems
Until she's feasted on your dreams
She's used you up and there's no more;
And tossed you out upon the floor

Alas poor day will saunter in
Like some poor lost forgotten friend
He'll pick you up; you're on your way
I'm glad there is another day.

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