Dreamed A Dream

Yesterday night I dreamed a Dream,
I am back in that little garden,
Where I met you
Among Roses and Jasmines,
And in my mind, never left!
The dream comes back again and again,
In so many nights,
And my days become serene and sublime!
I find all my peace, all my strength
In that little dream!
How beautiful was the day!
Can I describe?
It must be a surreal moment
When two people find each other
For the rest of their lives!
I know dreams are not real,
I know dreams are dreams,
I know I am never going to go back
To that place where I found you,
And you found me,
Among Roses and Jasmines,
But nobody can take away that feeling!
Sometimes in my dream you tell me a story,
The way you really did,
Sometimes I can see you walk with me
and listen to my songs,
The way I only dream!
Dreams are not real,
Still I love to dream!

by banamala sen

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