Night Note 163

Hello my sweet love
and a very good night to you
my most beautiful and precious one,
I'm sorry you didn't hear from me
for so very long but I spent
the whole day in bed sleeping
somewhat well through apart
so I wanted to catch up on
somewhat peaceful sleep and the rest
so in half waking I could see
your beautiful face and spend time
with you as I kissed you so sweet
and saw you smiling,
and the other part just to forget
for a good while the stresses of the world.
And my sweet darling can you blame me
or get upset for the parts where I just
want to lay there and dream of my Angel
so great and fair?
God bless you my dear you are
the greatest and ever so rare.

I hope that your day went quite fine
and that you remembered that
I'm always with you my Queen so divine,
I'm always sending you kisses so sweet
as I hold you so tight to keep you
warm and knowing your loved,
I pray that you always remember
that I'll never leave you
because you truly are my only one and my everything.
I want to be with you by your side
through all eternity.

So my sweet dear I have spent a little while
getting myself going and moving
and as I am about to jump into a refreshing
and cleansing shower I wish you were here
to join me as we held each other
under the soothing water kissing and smiling,
I would just love to hold you
as we talked and I told you I loved you
and how thankful I am for your great
and true loving,
I would like so much to kiss you and make you smile.

So please excuse me my dear as I so soon
go do that and I will write you
a while after I have gotten out and relaxed.
Remember that your Michael loves you
and would give anything to
right now be with you
and feel all of my love and warmth
with these sweet kisses and huge hugs
I have just and only for you.

by Michael P. McParland

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