(July 19 1983 / )

Night Note 164

A very good night to you
my sweet Angel dove
and I wanted to tell you
I love you and I wish you were here.
To spend time and snuggle
and so I could see you smile,
I miss you my darling
and I want to hold you.

I just wish you were here
to spend time with me
as I first jump in the shower
to be fresh for my girl,
you joining me would be even better
as we just sweetly kissed and smiled
as we so tightly held each other.
Then afterwards we would be able
to just lay back and so
lovingly snuggle as we went about
doing such wonderful things together
which we would decide as we went along
my sweet precious lady.

So before I go about
a cleansing and refreshing shower
I just wanted to tell you
I so truly love you and miss you.
I will be dreaming of holding you
and seeing your smile as I sweetly kiss you
as well as all the wonderful things
we would do together spending time after.
Remember sweet lady that I am your Michael
and I'll truly love you forever and ever.
I'm sending you sweet kisses
and hugs so big filled with my
love and warmth to wrap you up and fill you.
I love you sweet lady and am right there beside you
now feel as I tightly wrap
my loving and caring arms around you.

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