Night Of A Thousand Hours, No.1

A thousand Blue-jays & Ravens
& night birds squacking
outside my window
spreading poison on the windowsill
to stop their noise-making
which rips through my brain-fevered head
like a thousand chainsaws-

a thousand chainsaws
a thousand lawnmowers
a thousand electric hedge-clippers-
a thousand dogs howling at the moon
a thousand cats desperately meowing
a thousand cars roaring
up & down the street
with windows down
blasting the air
with a thousand ear-cracking
pounding songs
on radios & stereos -

a thousand trucks
with their eighteen thundering wheels
go rumbling by all day & all night
to be suckled by the thousand foot high grain-elevators-

as a thousand ships slide in beside the pier
loading up tons of wheat unloading tons of sugar
ships going to & fro to Cuba & Russia
to Mexico or Chile or Spain -

a thousand lawnmowers
cutting the grass
a never ending battle
against unruly unwieldly grass
too rebellious for its own good-

a thousand empty beer bottles
thrown from a thousand apartments
at a thousand parties
across the street
or six floors above or below me
the glass explodes hitting the sidewalk
or the street or roof of the bowling alley next door-

a thousand teenagers
in loose over-sized big baggy pants & baseball caps
skateboarding at 3am -

3am it's always fucking 3am
a thousand couples at 3am
making out on squeaky beds
all around me -

a thousand couples
screaming at one another
threatening to beat the other
threatening to leave the other
threatening to stay forever -

by gordon coombes

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You've nailed the NOISE! Really good Theodora Onken