Love Is A Fallacy

It comes, then it just disappears
Some people say that
It's one of the best things
That can happen to you
I don't think so
I really believe otherwise
If it were true...
Would I have still shed countless tears?
Would I have still felt this pain
Shattering my core?
My soul - shredding to pieces?
My voice - cast aside and
Dropped in limbo?
You see...
Love is not a great thing,
Love is a fallacy
It gets you high,
Then it chains you to the ground,
Your limbs obstructed,
Nowhere to run,
Nowhere to hide,

Makes you question life itself
Delve into metaphysics
A dimension filled with pseudo hope.

You needn't panic, however
Luckily, you may encounter
The right person...
Once in a million,
Once in a lifetime,
But to most,
It happens - never.

Prepare yourself...

by Cristian Marian Necula

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