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Night Prowl
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Night Prowl

In the silence of night
I come out to the vale
Where above a sheet of beam
Tiny stars around majestic moon revel

Soft breeze beat against my face
As I tread the slender path
Crops sway in waves of gold
With a heavy catch fishermen sing in mirth

Occasional hoot scares the mice
Running across fields for preys
They jump over fences and walls
To the barns to hide inside stakes of hays

Swaying tress obscure the moon
And cast shadows of ghosts and witches
Suspicious foxes leave the corpse
To run into bushes and ditches

I am a lone soul to walk the ridge
And look at the burning horizon
May be to attend a fair on other side
In to the oblivion planets and stars run

One by one they get lost there
Till a shining star tarries to wish me bye
A streak of light emerge from the east
As slowly and silently night begins to die

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Comments (2)

This night prowl is an expedition into the unknown.... The nocturnal scenes are at once delightful and fearsome.... and an an attempt to peek into planets and stars beyond the horizon is even challenging.... A great write!
A Beautiful imagery you have capture here. I loved reading each lines.