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Night Reverie
NP ( / Van Buren, Missouri)

Night Reverie

The Quarter-Moon hung high in the sky --
As the light of Day fades slowly from sight.
The Silhouette of Trees cast shadows of Ghosts --
A beautiful serene feeling for my Soul.
The fireflies awakened to the flutter of leaves
As a gentle wind swayed to and fro.
A noiseless world -- my night reverie --
With fireflies lighting the darkness for me.
A Miracle Revealed Looking from my window
A Miracle I chanced to see --
Fog lifting from the River
Transformed the barren Trees.
The Sun slipped out above them
From a gray and clouded sky --
A winter wonderland developed
Right before my eyes --
Coming to my feeder
Were birds of many kinds
Making colors of the rainbow --
This sight just blew my mind.
An Eagle joined my picture
He was looking for some fish
The beauty of this Winter Morn
Was a Nature Lover's Wish.

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