Night's Soul 99

I believe in fairytales,
I believe in love,
I believe in faith,
though my broken heart has none.
I have passion in things I do, I say,
in things I need, things I hate.
No matter how much I know I can't get my head straight.
My heart's in pieces and my soul is in a cage.
All my being left dreaming, repulsed by the taste
of reality and pain.
I long for the touch of silken night.
The moon's sweet kiss upon my skin.
The nightingale cries and I remember yet again
unreachable bounds of the sky. A wild spirit tangled in mine
A sip of night like a bottle of wine.
Who needs candlelight, when you have seductive moonglow
For a time, unspoken contentment licks the wounds of my soul.
In one moment I am whole drowning and burning in night's very soul

by Kira Bloom

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