Night Sky

If I were a night sky that was so dark
Then I would not cloud my sorrow filled heart
For my heart would be open like that night sky
You would see a star shinning so bright

That star would remind me of what I hold dear
Like a thorn to a rose the binding seemed clear,
Not only that star that was so high
But my heart was lifted into that sky

For I saw your dear face and my thoughts they all scattered
My mind was blank and I did not see your battle
But I watched as you fell to the depth of your doom
There was so many thoughts locked up in a room

I was not sure what to think but the message was there
I should have noticed that you could not bear
This life you were leading, the pressures beyond
There was so much riding beyond what shone

You tried to tell me but I would not listen
For I failed to realize what did not glisten
My life seemed so perfect because of you
im sorry it was not for you so true.

So much anx so much pain at the funeral I could refrain
At home alone, in our bed I did weep
The sorrow that filled me what a life I can’t keep
I should have known deep down there was pain

Now your free as the birds, like the deep dark night sky
The clouds do cover and they weep deep inside
I try to stay bright like the chivalrous morning dew
But at night I do fail when I’m thinking of you

by Lau Jane

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love ur poem and i like the beginning