Night Stalkers

Light turns to darkness, darkness fades to gray
A desolate soul awakens, now comes out to play
He embraces the shadows that keep him from sight
Playing hide and seek with the creatures of the night

Hunger burns deep down within his soul
A yearning so strong, one out of control
A lust for blood drives his cold blackened heart
Euphoric feelings rush in as he tears his victims apart

No method to the madness no patterns to unveil
Just a cold blooded killer sent straight outta hell
He’ll wait in the shadows for an unsuspecting soul
From that point on he’ll loose all control

Hell has awaken its child, this being it’s seed
Slashing and ripping, with an intensity driven by greed
When the last dropp of blood flows freely from your veins
He’ll slip back into his coat of shadows, no remorse, no pains

From a distance he’ll admire his grisly scene of destruction
He’ll play back ever move, perfecting his next introduction
Silently he’ll slip away racing against the inevitable light
Back to his resting place hidden safely out of sight

He’ll close his cold dead eyes, as he lays down his head
Resting once again, here among the undead
Thinking only of the next unsuspecting walker
To fall victim of one of Hell’s
Night Stalker’s

by Poison 9901

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