IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Night Thoughts Pour M'sieur Savin

Night thoughts

The night is still I sit alone
with just my thoughts for company
I marvel how the years have flown
and view the past regretfully.

On looking back I clearly see.
Decision which I made in haste
were often taken foolishly.
Mistakes which left a bitter taste.

Caused hurt to others needlessly
There is no way to transfer blame
It’s my responsibility.
I was a novice at life’s game.

Is all I offer in defence
Like all young men I knew it all,
which does not lessen my offence.
My conscience insists I recall.

The things I did which I should not
and things I didn’t do I should.
The minor sins I had forgot.
I sit alone in pensive mood.

I am a man no more no less
Not wholly bad or wholly good
A subtle blend of both I guess.
A sudden change of attitude.

I realise I’m not unique,
that every body has regrets.
I find the peace of mind I seek.
My conscience mollified quiets.

The pearly light of early dawn
dispels the darkness easily.
I start the day with hope reborn
forget the night hour’s misery.

I cannot claim to be perfect
Freely acknowledge I am not
nobody is. I must accept
I thought I was when I was not.


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Eloquent, thought provoking piece of poetry from a master of verse and technique thankyou Ivor, long may your golden pen visit the eye Chris 10++
this is a great introspection from a wiseman. Somehow near to my PAGES in several ways; which I wrote some 3 years ago. We all need this kind of thought are atleast we do at some part of our life.