DW ( / Israel)

Night Time

well its night time here.
i guess you know.
but it amazes me
when it begins to show.
a blanket of black and blue
covers yesterday's past
a sickness of triumph
knowing it can't last
but its there and we're here
and we've only just begun
to adhere to the rules
and the directions we're allowed to run
but the starry night means nothing
if if the stars don't shine
our fingerprints say nothing
if its given time
just because its out there
in the vast dark night
doesn't mean we won't feel
the sun thats meant to shine
and if you're not sure what i mean
by the way that sounds
doesn't mean anything
cuz thats just right now.
that picture wasn't painted
because he had a job to do
that picture had the passion
of the beautiful truth
its overlooking brightness
and welcoming the night
its telling everybody
they'll be fine.

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