I always saw light through the marbles
rolling on a dusty ground.
Destination a round hole
A tiny palm directed them to
their ultimate goal.

Bright red, yellow and pristine blue;
You smile at them, they smiled at you
A world contained in the grip of hand;
They burst in laughter with a thud on land.

A hit at centre or tangential touch;
Twitched between fingers, they feel the clutch
Lying in pocket
Craving for the sun beam
For freedom even marbles dream.

You left them, some place behind
Being selfish and unkind
They didn’t speak
Just exchanged a glance
As if asking for a chance.
You were busy, too busy for thee
Lost in your world completely
The rate race of your lifetime
Made you forget your crime….

You search for them everyday
Expect em to pop up on road
And waylay
Looking for them in your drawers
Waiting for them at the airport
They aren’t there in parties
In wine glasses they don’t float
They don’t fit in your pockets clean
No longer now; their eyes gleam

We all are marbles
In his hand
Alluvial treasures
Buried in sand
He doesn’t dropp
But picks up all
Marbles of all sizes
Big and small….

Life goes on ……………..
As you move ahead on your way
Hear something
I want to say
Pick your marbles and embrace
They shall bring with them solace
Companions of childhood days
Sunny rays…..

Hold them close and hold them tight
Bring their soul
A much awaited respite ….
A lease of life a hopeful breath
For they have been a friend
And shall remain
Until death……

by Nikunj Sharma

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That's beautiful, Rebekah. The reader feels close to nature with every line. Great! A 10! Best Wishes, Marilyn