Night Time Monsters (For C.J Heck)

Poem By Not Long Left

when i am in my bed at night.
i cuddle my one eyed teddy so very tight,
monsters come alive in the dark,
spikey, hairy bad breath scary beasts,
looking for us children for there midnight feasts.

they wait till my daddy closes the door,
then out they come from under the floor,
i dare not scream or cry,
for i would end up in a large children pie.

they try to creep but i hear there heavy feet,
then they roll under my bed,
waiting for my legs to hang over the edge,
so they can grab me and gobble me up,
or take me to there cave to be a slave instead.

Taylor my bestest friend,
told me how to kill them,
i must shine a torch into there big black eyes,
then they will shrink, into little harmless flies.

i have heard my mum scream at night,
but she says it not because of the monsters,
its daddy driving her bonkers
because of his snoring,
but i think she is telling me fibs,
because she doesnt want to
look scared in front of the kids!

Comments about Night Time Monsters (For C.J Heck)

Not long left I enjoyed every line, keep it up
Hello, my friend! I thought it about time to revisit Poemhunter and some of my friends here. This poem again came to mind. It still makes me smile! Hugs, Your friend, CJ
Fine poem, got the drift good...have FUN dave
Hilarious, Vincent! Sounds just like what a child would say! Thank you for the honor, my friend. Many hugs to you, CJ

2,8 out of 5
2 total ratings

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