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Night Vs. Day
(January,1975 / Georgia)

Night Vs. Day

Poem By Lacy Greear Kobilis

The trees sway back and forth as if to dance with the wind;
the street lights come on as the sun sets and the darkness begins.
The chill of the night falls on the city as the wealthy go to bed;
while others look for a place, any place, just to lay their head.
The dumpsters filled with left overs from the restaurant's busy day;
The hookers soliciting business, looking for those who like to pay.
The gangsters looking to start trouble- just for kix;
while the crack head is trying to score his next fix.
The night is all that these people know;
they're lost in the underworld with nowhere else to go.
As the wind blows the newspaper blanket off of the homeless man and he begins to cuss;
the alley cat screeches and runs- when it hears a man and woman start to fuss.
The window is open in an apartment building near by;
you can hear the glass breaking and the woman starting to cry.

When the sticky feeling of the morning dew starts to take over the streets,
the night people slowly disappear;
The businessmen and women rush along trying to start their day,
while pretending not to care.
The hookers go home to see their children off to school;
The gangsters run and hide, during the day they're not so cool.
The crack head's, well for them it's still the same;
something like that, day or night, you can't change.
The homeless man awakes in time to get out on the street with his cup;
he collects alittle money during the day,
but we all know it isn't enough.
The woman in the apartment wears long sleeves to work, just to cover the bruises;
her boyfriend's passed out on the couch, he's lost another job because of all the drugs he uses.
The wealthy drive to work in their Mercedes while others can't even afford to take the bus;
It seems as though two worlds exist within one, can someone tell me what's happening to us.

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