Poem Hunter
(20 June 1952 - / Kolkata / India)


On a foggy night, A man sat and turned his torn light of woe,
screamed the man with tearful eyes

''why am I a tree that continues to crouch instead of continuing to grow''

continued the man to cry and wipe
until he fell to his sleep
suddenly saw a sweet home in his heart deep but to his fortune only real in his sleep

after all, what's a man without a home
he will forever be unknown

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Crisp and concise, yet the poem, with an apt title, clearly draws a picture of night watching 'Through the unsettled stillness of the night'. I commend poet Rajnish Mongia for 'seeing through' the poem and bringing out the gist of it, shared with his own wisdom.
Inner darkness or the pervading pessimism does not allow us to see light of positivity. Beautifully expressed by the poet. Thanks.
Awake! ! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
That dawn has come and gone and brought no light.....so touching and meaningful. Beautiful poem shared.
The night passed with a sad heart and troubled mind. Very nice.
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