Must Fall

White nationalist scream and yell as they fight to save statues of the confederacy. They say by taking them down we are destroying part of American history. When they see them taken down they say they are appalled. They say they don't understand why they must fall. Well let me see if I can put it into words they will understand and even if they don't I am still going to explain. They must fall because they don't represent the all the people of the confederacy. Where are the monuments and statues of the African who where bond in slavery. This is the part of the confederacy history that the nationalist has edited out. The part of the confederacy history they don't talk about. They don't talk about how on the backs of the African slave the American white south did prosper. While the ones who did all the work were treated as if they where nothing. Nor do they talk how they broke the spirit of the African American male and the affects can still be felt today by all of those in and out of jail. Neither do they speak of the way African American women raped and belittled.They were treated like breeding cattle. Where are all those statues and monuments? Nowhere because it is the part of the confederate history they want to omit. Now if you going to omit one then you need to erase them all. This why the confederate statues must fall.

by Lore Me34

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