Used To

Do you know the feeling woe
Of having your soul die slow
From inner hate and being your own foe

Do you feel like you want to murder
Let the bodies pile up more than a hoarder
All the ones that used to blabber

Do you know how it feels to be lost
Wanting to end it at all costs
For no reason, Your mental is crossed

Do you know what it is like to be bipolar
And have to burn something with a flame less than solar
Since a chap your emotions were never proper

Do you ever feel like the baddest influence
On so many things you begin to lose your sapience
Talk about carnage because you are so used to violence

Do you comprehend the words of a poet
A wordsmith casanova and didn't even know it
Although it brings out too many emotions to get used to it

Do you know how it feels to be an addict
Sunday morning service puke after a night with convicts
Just yesterday this is the life you used contradict

Do you ever feel like everyone hates you
Gradually the ones you called family you start to lose
Loathed by those you successfully used to conduce

Do you know how it feels when she finally lets go
Your reverence diminished yet still cannot say no
To your friends love, Somebody that you used to know

Do you ever lose it to the point you don't know what to do
I have, I beat people without purpose until they are through
I guess I am much more than you are used to

by Gianni Vespucci

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Highly thoughtful, imaginative, fantastic poem from the great poet.
Very nice...I really enjoyed it
I like it
its very beautiful i liked it so much
very nice.. i really enjoyed it
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