I Worry No More Over You Anderson

Dear Anderson, I want you to know
That I worry no more o'er your callous soul
You left the country and told me to wait
Four years and eight months I took the bait
Waiting and waiting for you to come
To take me to America where I will see pacific plum
We called, we chatted, we shared our picture
On Skype, bbm and whatsapp you loved my structure

Then, you began to change the plan
The first to travel out of your clan
You changed your name; you turned a knave
Adeleke not Anderson the name your father gave
You claimed that would help you flow along
In case every other things went wrong

I never believed you stooped so low dating old Louisa
But you said it was essential to enable me get a visa
I played along like a fool
While you used my emotion as a tool
I saw the pictures you uploaded on Facebook
With that granny you married in a church by the brook

I prayed for you in every misa
That you enjoy life with mother Louisa
For I have found myself another man
Who for his life can make a plan
If oyinbo land fails you, come back to your fatherland
But if you consider America as a grand,
I hope to see you when I come for summer holidays
My husband and I that is how we roll nowadays

by Anthony Seyi Abiodun

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I like it
its very beautiful i liked it so much
very nice.. i really enjoyed it
This now is what we call exceptional! Splendid...
Very good and beautiful well written. Thanks for sharing
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