Nightcrawler (5/24/05)

Poem By Kayla Jarnac

Much like a tissue soaks up blood,
the darkness spreads and seeps.
A black blanket covers my mind,
As I gradually grow numb,
As the sun fades out
and disappears below the horizon,
and dips into the lake,
and sinks to be buried in the sand;
The day fades to dusk
as the air grows cool.
I hardly notice as my eyes close
and I gently leave the world that I know,
Ready for the dark world beyond,
That is lit only by the specks of fantasies,
dim loghts of feelings I don't remember,
Only to be awakened by the glow of the moon,
Ready to prowl the night,
To walk the darkness in search of life,
Hungry and Lustful for human flesh,
and their warm salty blood,
The sensation of new life flowing into me
I am fulfilled, as I slowly return
Onlky to wait
Until the darkness returns again.

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