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HDP (1977-11-04 / South Africa)


Poem By Helgard du Preez

When thy gloaming nightfall sets ashore
Insomnia settles, elicited by gyrating ambivalences
Thy clock silently incites into a motionless tranquility
Cerebrations, idealizations, it forms my inner core.

Beatific intellections filter rather abruptly
Heterogeneous emotions leaping in a conoid mould
Steering me towards my ineluctable terminus
At last, it's time, time to reveal my inner fold.

It's the old cliché, a mighty good one by that
Adoration, flirtation, fascination, the one and only sensation
Needed by all of this nation, that’s a fact!
No one can do without, not one, too much anticipation.

Uncontrollable, incomprehensible, unforgettable, intractable
Not impractical, but rather real, something you feel
Some day I will close the seal, go down to kneel
Ontogenesis will mature into the incurable inevitable.

Forthwith saying, it’s all about you
My Alpha, my Omega, for you I coo
My thoughts are with you, always
Always it shall be, it’s you I want with me, all of my days

We all do need it, like I do you
It’s Magical, it’s called:


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