IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

It Time To Say Goodbye (Grade 7 Bhekokuhle Primary School)

I know some of you may feel Relieve
But that was not what I was striving for.
Some of you may feel said
That I am! ! ! ! ! ! !
I am not leaving I am going back.
Back where I came from.
To continue building my future,

I know some of you
May watch me and
Think that I am having problems.
No you have problems.
Thanks to you all by participating.
To my history I will not forget you.
To my experience I will never regret you as a part of its.
Thank you for making this
An experience of a life time to my degree

Please don't hate me, when we meet in street salute me.
I will salute you....
I like you all and I'll always do.
I will tell my kids in future that
In 2013 July on the 16th I met the kindest people ever.
You remind me when i was in primary too,
Cool, fun and great.
You are so beautiful, you know that’s?
Please forgive me if ever been hard on you
And show some harsh on you.
Thank you a lot grade 7 of Bhekokuhle primary school.
Maybe we will meet again.

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Delightful Ivor. This is super and a real treat to read. Simple in size but compound in words. You have a wonderful way of expressing things. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX
Lovely Write Ivor! Each night provides some new surprise Wondrous sights to amaze ones eyes! *10*! ! Best wishes! Friend Thad